Clearing the clutter

Even though it’s only been three years since our last move, we’ve accumulated a LOT of stuff. At this point, fitting everything into a 40ft shipping container will be a tight squeeze, according to the relocation agent. He delicately suggested we earmark a few (Ikea!) things to be packed into the container last,  just in case they need to be sacrificed. And he’s right – even though our apartment isn’t huge, we have quite a lot of clutter to sift through.

So we’re starting to clear out the cupboards – the part I dread almost as much as saying goodbye to my friends.  The task is a little tricky at the moment too, because the kids are on school holidays. They tend to get a little cranky when they see me heading towards the bins with their treasures in plastic bags.

First task was the arts and crafts cupboard, a mission in itself because T loves to draw and he’s getting quite good at it. And I must admit, I’m just as bad as he is at hoarding his masterpieces. But you can’t keep everything, can you? And really, will he appreciate the massive collection of scribbles and stuff I’ll dump on his doorstep when he moves out of home? Probably not, so I decided to keep only a few of the very best works. The rest I took a photo of before I filed them in the recycle bins.

The next job will be the toy cupboards. Finally I’ll start to get rid of the baby toys that still lurk in the depths of the drawers. But I’ll have to be more subtle with my approach this time and make sure they’re not around when I do it. I can imagine the conversations already…

“Don’t throw that out! It’s my favourite!”

Guiltily I’ll turn around clutching the one-armed, misshapen and slightly smelly stuffed animal they’d been fond of when they were a toddler but ditched for something newer…cleaner.

“But you haven’t clapped eyes on it since you were two!” I’ll say in protest.

“Don’t care, it’s mine,” and they’ll snatch it away and hide it somewhere safe.

All I need is peace, quiet and a few large garbage bags to help me along. But we’ve got another two weeks of holidays before they go back to school…

Wish me luck!


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