Treading water in the rapids

School goes back tomorrow and now the countdown is on. We’ve got about eight weeks to go before we leave the country and I have the strangest sense of time flying past but dragging at the same time. Strange, right?

The only way I can explain the sensation is that I have a lot to do but much of it can’t be done until nearer the time. And that’s really frustrating.

The apartment will need to be spotless (and in much better condition than when we moved in) so we can get our bond back. But with three kids and a husband-in-residence, I can only scratch the surface of the house cleaning until nearer the time.

Clearing out the kid’s cupboards? Oh yes, the cardboard box creations, those broken, mismatched toys and super-special craft items are going, but I’m itching to sort through the summer clothes…again. It still might be a bit early though – they’re still wearing them.

So we move onto the kitchen cupboards. Biggest problem there is that we have to eat. But I can start reducing what’s in them which will mean a little less variety and perhaps a few more trips to hawker markets as the weeks roll on.

What I’d really like to get rid of though, is a couple of select items of furniture my husband’s kept since his bachelor days. You know – the ones that you wish would go missing in the next move but never do? I have a sneaking suspicion that if they mysteriously vanished in the next few weeks, their disappearance wouldn’t go unnoticed. I’ll just have to hope that they’ll be on the “B” team when the container gets packed.

We also have a lot – and I mean a lot – of books that none of us want to get rid of. Although we have a Kindle and I know how easily I could reduce the amount of paper in our house by simply using it, I just prefer the touch, the feel, the smell – of books. And that’s why, after four moves, our book collection is growing faster than the kids. But I still can’t bring myself to part with them – or the kids.

So in the meantime, while I’m procrastinating about what I can and can’t do in the coming weeks, I’ve got an idea. I’ll read some books to help me decide which ones to keep while I eat my way through the contents of the kitchen cupboards. It’s a start…


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