It’s never too early to start

Just under six weeks to go now, with only four left in the apartment. Factor in long weekends, public holidays, pupil-free days and the school bus company axing the morning bus with immediate effect today, time is becoming quite scarce.

So where do you begin?

Today’s task was to remove the paintings. My husband scurried around the house with his screwdriver and putty pot, busily removing hooks and filling in the holes.

My job was the glamorous task of removing three years worth of dust from the backs of the paintings. What I didn’t anticipate was the ridiculous amount of gecko poo found lurking at the back of the canvasses. And let me tell you, that stuff is harder to remove than the smiles on my kid’s faces at Christmas.

Subsequently, the task took a lot longer than anticipated and has made me look at the house in a different light. What other jobs will hold little surprises? The humid climate here is brutal and mould grows on just about every surface, including the kids. Our furniture took a beating the last time it went into storage and still bears the scars.

So armed with a spray bottle of vinegar, water and peppermint oil (great for killing mould and deterring ants!), I’ll start to wend my way through the house bit-by-bit in the hope that the final clean won’t be too arduous. I’m conscious that time is ticking by awfully fast at the moment.

When the kids came home from school this afternoon, they were quite positive about the empty walls. Deep down they seem to be worried that our things will get left behind but seeing the paintings sitting around ready for packing appears to be comforting for some reason.

Right now I’m watching a gecko roaming aimlessly around the walls, looking for his house, which was the blue painting we’ve removed. He’s in the same boat as us now – seeking a permanent home. I hope he finds one soon. I know all too well what it’s like to be displaced.


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