Last day of school…

I’d been dreading this day for a long time. This year had been a great one for both of the kids – they loved their teachers and had a great group of friends – but it was time to go.

T took off to the playground as soon as we arrived at the school, simply happy to be with his mates. We walked H to her classroom and she seemed OK, just a little quiet. Predictably I teared up as soon as the teacher started handing over her work books so it was time for us to go.

I spent the day worrying about how she was getting on but vowed to keep it together for her class party. They did a terrific job – movie and snacks – the kids were having a great time. H was given a beautiful handmade card signed by her classmates and full of photos of her year in Grade 4. Fortunately, just then the bell rang.

We had to walk the entire length of the school to collect T. She was being really brave, but the calls of “Goodbye H, we’ll miss you!” echoing along the hallways were her undoing. Such a lovely bunch of kids and so sad to be leaving them.

T had just arrived back from an excursion and was staying at a friend’s house that night. He was so tired from the outing and excited about the sleepover that he seemed to forget it was his last day of school.  We said our goodbyes to him – which he barely acknowledged – and he took off blindly into the haze that had descended upon Singapore.

Perhaps that was his way of coping? Just focusing on the positives to keep the sadness at bay? Or maybe he just takes each day as it comes?

Whatever the case, we made a quick departure to get H home and that was it – their schooling in Singapore was over. After dinner H dragged out her learning journal and we thumbed through it together, remembering.

The kids have experienced such a lot in their short little lives. I hope they never forget.


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